My research is grounded in my practice as a musician and educator.

I research how music-making and other participatory arts contribute to social action and transformation. My interests are in peace and reconciliation work, trauma recovery, intercultural relations and social cohesion, and how to make these projects work in complex and contested terrain.

I’ve conducted fieldwork in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste, with young musicians from Afghanistan, with First Peoples in remote north-western Australia, and among recently-arrived migrants and refugees in urban Australia. I’ve got considerable methodological flexibility, drawing on participatory and arts-based approaches where appropriate, and developing bespoke tools to capture complex and incremental change. I’ve received accolades for my research, including an Endeavour Research Fellowship from the Australian Government in 2016 to investigate music and reconciliation in Sri Lanka, and Griffith University’s Award for Academic Excellence for my Ph.D dissertation in 2018.

As a research consultant and postdoctoral research fellow I conduct contract research into the social impact of arts programs, in particular in projects working towards peacebuilding, reconciliation, cultural development, and social change. This is a growing area of my research portfolio.

I frequently present my research internationally, including as a keynote speaker and visiting academic fellow. My work is published in international journals, anthologies and Oxford Handbooks in fields spanning community music, music education, children’s geographies, and applied ethnomusicology. My full publications list is available on my profile page (find it HERE).


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